Iran and Russia getting much closer

Iriran-1548891_640an and Russia getting much closer


Iran President Rouhani announced recently that he expects Russian relations to improve substantially, especially after the planned Intergovernmental Committee meeting scheduled for Dec 13, 2016. Continue reading “Iran and Russia getting much closer”


Trump and the Arabs

Ttrump-1350370_640rump and the Arabs

Donald Trump doesn’t hate Moslems. But a large section of the American people does hate Moslems, because they fear the terrorism attributed to them by the persistent western media. Trump, merely used this hatred as a marketing tool to endear himself to his electorate during his campaign for the presidency of the US. Continue reading “Trump and the Arabs”


How The Weak Protect Themselves

checkpoint-charlie-1006111_640How The Weak Protect Themselves

International Relations Formulas

It is not uncommon for the weak to ally themselves with the strong, as per the following basic formula:

(Weak A) allies himself with (Very Strong X) [AGAINST] – (Moderate Strong B) = Likely Outcome: (Weak A) sleeps securely at night – or so he believes. Continue reading “How The Weak Protect Themselves”


Egyptian Devaluation – For Better or Worse?

Egyptian Devaluation – For Better or Worse?


At last, Egypt devalued its Pound. It has been expected for a long time, and the longer it was delayed, the more damage would the rampant black market have caused.

There is no devaluation without pain. But, if pain leads to eventual recovery, then, as medicine, it must be taken with courage and perseverance – the alternative would be a lot worse. Continue reading “Egyptian Devaluation – For Better or Worse?”