American Government Pressures US Companies Not To Hire Expats


American Government Pressures US Companies Not To Hire Expats

MARSAL COMMENTS: The US Government is actively pressuring companies to hire Americans instead of foreigners, even for hi-Tech jobs that are difficult to fill locally.
Many Hi-Tech firms rely on Asian and Indian programmers and bring them into the US via the specially designed H-1B visa program. This has now been curtailed.
Additionally, President Trump is putting pressure, as well as threatening US companies that outsource their work outside, be it manufacturing or services. All part of “Make America Great Again” motto that he campaigned on.
How much will that affect the ever-hungry-for-talent American IT industry, remains to be seen.

GENERALLY: Pessimistic
NEGATIVE FOR: US IT and High-Tech industry, which will suffer expert labor shortages.
POSITIVE FOR: American workers. Also, could be positive for Asian and East European High-Tech industry which could get a boost by stopping it “Brain Drain” to the West.
TIME SCOPE: Medium Term

READ ORIGINAL: Trump administration warns firms to hire Americans over foreigners


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