Another Shift In US Policy – Syria!


Another Shift In US Policy – Syria!

MARSAL COMMENTS: Last week, Trump and his administration stated what in effect was their acceptance of Assad remaining as president of Syria. Then, surprise, a well-timed chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib region a few days later, gave the US the justification to switch back to its original anti-Assad stance. Not only so, but is now threatening to act unilaterally if the UN and the rest of the world doesn’t take appropriate action.
The Western mass media happily returned hysterical to its 2012 war drums, when a Chemical attack was blamed on the Syrian government, but later disproved by a UN investigation, a number of independent professors and experts and, finally, exposed by Simon Hersh the renown investigative journalist.
To-date, no one has presented any evidence that confirms the Syrian government was responsible for the latest attack. Nevertheless, the Neocons, especially Michael Rubin, are pushing for US military action in the form of bombing Syria’s airports and army! But, if they do so and thus weaken the government forces, they will, in effect, have granted ISIS & Co. a carte blanche to regain their power and partition Syria, With Israel ending as the biggest winner!

GENERALLY: very pessimistic. If the US follows through with military action, it is likely to clash with Russian forces in Syria and, thence Russia as a whole.
NEGATIVE FOR: Syria, Russia and Iran
POSITIVE FOR: Israel, ISIS, Turkey,
IMPACT POTENTIAL: Very High, if a US military action does take place.
TIME SCOPE: Medium Term

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