Bunnies Are Good For Your Old Age!


Bunnies Are Good For Your Old Age!

MARSAL COMMENTS: This is in response to a dear reader’s comment that most of our articles are alarming and gloomy, and suggested that: “We need happy headlines, something with bunnies  and sunshine  “. 

As our job is to please, here goes some recent commentary about bunnies… As for sunshine, forget it, you already have all the sunshine you can bear…

It turns out that the latest medical research indicates that to have a rabbit as a pet, helps in preventing, or reducing, dementia in old age. The ability to hold it and cuddle it gives comfort and lessens the feeling of loneliness. Also, the responsibility of looking after a pet bunny and feeding it gives old people something useful to do and increases their self-esteem. (The same applies for Guinea pigs, ferrets and hens).
So, our suggestion is to rush out and buy yourself a bunny, before they are all taken… you have to be prepared for your retirement years… 

GENERALLY: Optimistic.
NEGATIVE FOR: Wolves and foxes.
POSITIVE FOR: Bunnies and old people
TIME SCOPE: Medium and Long Term

READ ORIGINAL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/07/01/rabbits-guinea-pigs-ferrets-unlikely-dementia-therapy-coming/


4 thoughts on “Bunnies Are Good For Your Old Age!”

  1. This time of the year my yard is rife with small wild creatures. Squirrels enjoyed destroying the tulips and will soon come back to taste the tomatoes. Getting rid of a raccoon in the attic required the help of a pest control ‘specialist’ and the expenditure of several hundred dollars. I caught and removed two chipmunks from my garage and set them free 20 miles from our home. After that I was too tired to deal with the mole under the deck. As for bunnies, there are a number of cute tiny ones nibbling at the weeds every morning and will be glad to see the last of all of these dreadful critters.

  2. One thing good about bunnies, they multiply very fast, so no worries about running out

  3. ربعنا لديهم قصص واقعيه بأن الزواج من صغيره تجدد الشباب

    1. تمت الدراسة الطبية على الأرانب والدجاج، ولم تشمل القطط أو الزوجات الصغيرات خصوصاً وأن لكلاهما أظافر حادة قادرة على خدش شِيّابنا المساكين العُزَّلْ…

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