China flexes it muscles when it is unhappy


China flexes it muscles when it is unhappy

MARSAL COMMENTS: China is unhappy with South Korea’s acceptance to deploy THAAD missiles. Although they are theoretically deployed against the North Korean threat, it is not a secret that their real purpose is to pressure and if necessary target China, and Russia.
Suddenly, Chinese media was flaring with anti-Korean propaganda calling the boycott of Korean goods (China is a major buyer of Korean products). Demonstrations and protests followed and even vandalized a Hyundai car showroom in Beijing! Yesterday, the South Korean stock market fell as a reaction to the potential boycott.
Well, if you insist on playing rough with the big boys, be prepared for some bruising, or at least, a bloody nose. Also, all this noise is for the US to hear.

EFFECT PERIOD: (Medium Term)
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