Israel’s Response Loud and Clear


Israel’s Response Loud and Clear

MARSAL COMMENTS: In response to the recent Arab Summit meeting in Jordan, Israel went ahead and approved the building of a new settlement in Palestinian territory. This was the very next day after the end of the Arab meeting!
Interestingly, this settlement is for the Israelis who were evicted from Amona, the illegal settlement that they had forcibly occupied. Israel corrected an illegal act by implementing another illegal act!
This is also in response to President Trump’s request to Israel to postpone building new settlements until a clearer picture of the Palestinian problem develops. Has a clear picture developed now? Or does Israel know something we don’t about Trump, who is under fire from all directions?
Is this the hair that will break the camel’s back? Not likely, this is only one of 126 illegal Israeli settlements.

GENERALLY: Pessimistic
NEGATIVE FOR: Palestinians and the Arabs
TIME SCOPE: Short Term

READ ORIGINAL: Israel approves construction of first new settlement in more than 20 years


One thought on “Israel’s Response Loud and Clear”

  1. صباح الخير
    نأمل ان لا تكون المستوطنه أرض تم شراؤها من الفلسطينيين أنفسهم …
    فقد سمعت ان الإسرائيلين يغرون الفلسطينين بالمال لشراء الارض… فإن كان صحيح فليتوقف الفلسطيني عن ذلك

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