Kerry Here, Kerry There, Kerry Everywhere!

Kerry Here, Kerry There, Kerry Everywhere!


John Kerry, the globe-trotter, has recently visited the following cities or countries, some more than once: Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hiroshima, Kabul, UK, Saudi, Georgia, France, Egypt, Mongolia, Iraq, Belgium, China, Norway and others.

He has managed, in those visits, to sort out a myriad of problems, including wars, covering the so-called Ukrainian, Syrian and Iraqi civil wars, Poland’s and the Baltic States’ insecurity and fear of a Russian imminent invasion, the unjustified Russian rejection of NATO surrounding it, selected the vegetables to add to the South China Sea boiling stew pot, bring Iran to its senses regarding its alleged atomic program, arrange to install atomic ballistic missiles in Poland and Romania as a deterrent to the Arab/Islamic atomic threat likely to materialize in the next two to three decades, and a plethora of critical issues that threaten world peace and doom our, one and only, earth.

Now, he is Kenya and East Africa to sort out the South Sudan civil war, and then will take on the Somali Shabab terrorists. He will finish off this trip in Nigeria and do-in the Boko Haram Islamists who have been terrorizing West Africa.

Is Kerry Superman? Or as some, obnoxious scoundrels, are claiming that there are duplicate Kerry dummies stacked in a closet somewhere in Washington? A fresh duplicate is pulled out every day and put on a plane to a “hot” destination.

But if this is so, how can these dummies tackle the olio of different problems that he is engaged in? No, he must be Superman!

Again, the obnoxious scoundrels, claim that US foreign policy is static and hasn’t changed for half a century. It contains three easy points that have to be observed by all other countries, and if they fail, then Wham Bam, they are knocked down. This simple policy is photocopied, and each dummy is handed one copy before it is sent off to powwow with the leaders of other nations.

I don’t care for the scoundrels, and still believe Kerry is Superman. And, rather than retire at 73 to a porch on a serene ranch in Kansas with his Labrador at his feet, bless his heart, he is still out there battling to save the World.

My only worry, is that the Russians and Chinese have some Kryptonite* hidden in their pockets, ready to douse him when he eventually corners them.
* Kryptonite is rock from the science fiction planet, Krypton, from which Superman came from. In its presence Superman loses his super powers.


2 thoughts on “Kerry Here, Kerry There, Kerry Everywhere!”

  1. I must confess to being one of those obnoxious scoundrels but I do not see him as Superman but more like Frankenstein’s monster. Thank you for a very interesting article and more of the same please.

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