The Middle East Chess Game – Part Two

The Middle East Chess Game – Part Two


The US, Turkey and their friends set out, five years ago, to topple Assad of Syria. They encouraged and armed a hodgepodge mixture of Arab and non-Arab militants to the job. A good part of these militants turned out to be terrorists with an agenda of their own.

This medley group almost succeeded in ousting Assad, but the Russian cavalry appeared, at the last minute, and began routing the militants. Turkey, in a reflex action, struck back directly at Russia, which triggered a snowball that began rolling from the top of the mountain.

Turkey, suddenly found itself alone, as its hypothetical supporters; NATO, the US and the EU, began to evaporate. Frustrated, it started to grumble and then threaten. An attempted coup was the final straw, and Turkey began to rethink its strategy, or tactics. It reconciled with Russia, Israel and began to make friendlier noises towards Syria. Also, it pouted its lips angrily at the US and the EU, insinuating that they had let it down.

All this while, Turkey was battling intermittent unrest of its Kurdish minority. One of those Kurdish flare-ups coincided, intentionally or unintentionally, with the advanced stages of the war in Syria, and suddenly, Turkey had an excuse to catch many birds with one stone. It could hit back at the Syrian Kurds, clear them off its borders, replace them with its own Syrian militias and achieve the “Safe Zone” in northern Syria that its always wanted. Also, it thereby obtained a strong card for the inevitable future negotiations with any Syrian government that materializes.

The strange aspect of all this, is that the US had been militarily supporting the Syrian Kurds, lock stock and barrel, all to Turkey’s displeasure. Then, all of a sudden, US warplanes aided and abetted the Turkish army in its bombardment of the Syrian Kurds, just when they succeeded in what they were doing!

Was this a classic example of “chew you and spit you” political expediency? Probably, but that is normal in any chess game. Chess Game? Yes, this is the only sane explanation to what is happening in the Middle East. Somebody is playing a game, as painful and unjust as it may be.

If so, who are the players? Well, it like this, the White Pieces represent the US and its allies, while the Black pieces, naturally, represent Syria, Russia, Iran and their allies. The Queens represent the US and Russia, the Kings are Syria and Turkey, the Rooks, Knights and bishops represent the other states involved or the main militias, while the Pawns are the many smaller militias the make up the bloody hodgepodge.

Lest we forget, the innocent citizens and masses are also represented in this chess game, they are the Board upon which, all the Pieces trod and trample on.


2 thoughts on “The Middle East Chess Game – Part Two”

  1. مقدمة المقال تجاهلت ثورة الشعب السوري وانشقاق وتأسيس الجيش السوري الحر حتى قبل تواجد العناصر الإرهابيه التي بدأت أولا ضد ثورته لأفشالها ..والتي أطلق قادتها النظام السوري من السجون !!!!

    1. شكراً لتعليقك ،
      لم تتجاهل المقالة ثورة الشعب السوري وتطوراتها ، فقد أشارت الملاحظة التوضيحية في نهاية المقالة إلى أن هذه المقالة تنظر للفصل الثاني الأوسط الحالي فقط… وأن هناك فصول عديدة سبقتها وفصول عديدة لاحقة.
      هناك علل داخلية فينا ، وعلل أكبر وأكثر خارجية تعمل خفيةً أو علانية لعرقلة مسيرة تقدم وتطور الأمة العربية…

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