Rising Stakes in Syrian War


Rising Stakes in Syrian War

MARSAL COMMENTS: the US seems to have sent hundreds of fully equipped and armed marines to Syria, in addition to another few hundred with artillery near Raqqa. This is in preparation for the assault to liberate Raqqa from ISIS together, presumably, with the Kurdish militias.
But Syria is also rushing to liberate Raqqa with the Russians. The Turks want in, and are deftly maneuvering with the Russians to join them.
Turkey is dead against Raqqa being liberated by the Kurds, who are supported by the Americans, who are Turkeys allies in NATO!
This is beginning to develop into a tricky and dangerous situation. Very much like the rush to liberate Berlin in the second world war. Will the US and Kurds win Raqqa and de facto split Syria, or will the Syrians and Russians win and keep Syria in one piece? All bets are off.
EFFECT PERIOD: (Short and Medium Term).
READ ORIGINAL: IS conflict: US sends Marines to support Raqqa assault


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