Opposite to Soros, Rothschild buys Gold!

Opposite to Soros, Rothschild buys Gold!

It is now reported that the Rothschild group are buying gold. Lord Jacob Rothschild expressed his concerns regarding the stability of world markets, and stressed that in such turbulent and unpredictable situations, the preservation of capital becomes top priority – presumably more important than achieving a return on it! He has therefore sold part of his equities’ and placed the money in gold.

This is all very interesting, as a few days ago we pointed out that George Soros, who bought lots of Gold at the beginning of the year was reported to have unloaded his gold holdings and gone short on practically everything including equities and the SP500 index.

However, both Rothschild and Soros mingle in the same circles, and possibly the same partnerships. So, how come they are taking opposite positions? Soros is a trader and a “Short” specialist, but Rothschild are a three-hundred-year old financial empire that has accumulated wealth greater than probably anyone in history.

Actually, both Soros and Rothschild are in agreement that the world economic and financial outlook is bleak and frightening. They have both now abandoned equities. The question that begs an answer is: Where do mega-rich people place their money once they liquidate their financial positions? Surely not in the banks that they are already wary of. We now know that Rothschild has dumped it into gold. But what about Soros?

Soros is a trader and as such may be alternating between bullish and bearish positions. i.e. playing the market. Therefore, while one may consider copying him in the short term, the fundamentals remain bullish on Gold in the longer term, and this is further strengthened by the pro-gold views of Russia, China and now, Rothschild.


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