Ukraine army on high alert against Russian hypothetical strike


Ukraine army on high alert against Russian hypothetical strike

Russia announced yesterday (Aug 10, 2016) that it discovered a Ukrainian terrorist plot in Crimea.
The Ukrainian government seems to have panicked and is calling up the leaders of Russia, Germany, France, the USA, and the president of the European Council. Also, it has requested an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the tensions between itself and Russia.

Likely Beneficiaries:
NATO: as it fits within its strategy of squeezing Russia and painting it as an aggressor vis-a-vi the Ukraine.
Ukraine Government: preempt a possible Russian strike and deflect attention from the foiled plot.
USA: It is in the driving seat of NATO.

Likely losers:
Ukrainian Citizens: The tragic war saga continues and they continue to suffer and go deeper into poverty.
EU Citizens: They continue to be herded into a corner that has only “Loss” outcomes.
World Peace: the continuous escalation of tensions by NATO, reduce the chances of avoiding a third world war.

The discovery of the terrorist plot made necessary to immediately “Cry Wolf” lest the hypothetical wolf loses his patience and actually reacts. Does this reaction lend credence to the plot, which justifies this panic?